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quick change - Magic- Visual comedy

Quick change

I can't remember the names of all people i meet but their smile i can...




Magic beyond imagination

Duration 1h .20 min. Theatre Show


Written by Luca Lombardo and Augusto Fornari

Director: Augusto Fornari


Poubelle, which in French means “Waste”, is a One-Man show written by Luca Lombardo with the well-known actor and director Augusto Fornari who also directed signature.
In this Theatrical Version Luca shows off all his skills as a magician, clown, transformist
man, offering some of his numbers seen in various parts of the world.

In this spectacle as in a dream, he tells the story of his life, which has been made of great choices like the choice to quit a military career to work in a circus.
The Show it's full of magic, shape-shifting ( 25 changes clothes very fast), visual comedy, iand t is suitable for the whole family. Eye-catching, irreverent, addictive, magical, poetic are the adjectives that describe this surreal spectacle, where the audience is an integral part of the script.


After you see that it will be difficult not to “fly”with your fantasy...

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PouBelle ( without words)



Available in three versions, 5, 12, or 30 minutes

INDOOR gala dinners, big events, dinner shows and STREET version for the international Festival of Street Theater


Poubelle is the spectacle of Luca Lombardo where you can admire its incredible qualities as a quick-change artist. Clothes changes are fast,magic, visual comedy, and poetry. The show has been represented in several countries : France,Spain, United Arab Emirates, China, Qatar , Egypt.

The main characters is an homeless who lives in a garbage. But thanks to his imagination, he can make better his sad days to entertain the hurried passers-by. With Magic Tricks, transformations, clowning , quick change, it's a multidisciplinary and unique act that make a new figure of the Clown. And as in all stories there had to be a muse, but this is an unlikely muse...a mannequin!


International act for IUmor:

The "Magichite" And The Crazy Magic Show


They are two magic shows, cabaret and dance.

The former is more suitable to families , while the second one is more appropriate for an adult audience. They have been represented in all the Italian regions. They are the ideal for conventions, corporate dinners, holiday Villages.


The two shows can be configured differently according to the request and logistics of having Luca in his repertoire more than 2 hours of the show.


The duration varies beetween 30 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.


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