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  Luca Lombardo (Naples, September 30, 1983) is a magician, clown and Italian transformist.  In 2004, after seeing Arturo Brachetti at the theater, he decided to devote himself to transformism and after a few years he staged Poubelle, a show written together with the well-known director Augusto Fornari who also signs the direction. Poubelle has been represented in 10 countries and to date is one of the few theatrical performances in the world that uses the ancient art of transformism (Fregolian style). In this show Luca represents up to 25 characters.


Short Biography


Luca to date is one of the few Italian transformists to propose the ancient art of transformism. Deep admirer of Arturo Brachetti, after having studied magic, acting and clowning, he decided to dedicate himself to transformism. 
Since he was a child Luca is passionate about the art of magic and began to attend the Ring108 international magic club participating in the workshops of magicians of international renown. 
Shortly after he approached the art of theater by participating in various acting courses and a course of commedia dell'arte with Maestro Michele Monetta teacher of Silvio D'Amico.

In adulthood he began to study clowning in Italy with Maestro Augusto Fornari and in Spain with Maestro Jango Edwards. With the same Fornari born so a fruitful friendship and collaboration.

In 2004 he won a competition in the Italian army, which he left after 10 years to work in a circus production in France. 

In 2008 he was a finalist in the New Energy Competition, a competition presented by Camila Raznovich under the artistic direction of Marco Columbro. 10 young talents selected from all over Italy challenge each other.

In 2014 the transformer is on tour in France with the Aquatic Circus during which he also performs at the Zenith in Strasbourg in front of more than 10 thousand people. Always with the Aquatic Circus will then be on tour in 2015 throughout Italy.

In 2015 he performs in the Gran Teatro di Magicalnd (Valmontone) staging 50 replicas.

In 2015 he is hired to perform at the SIBF in Sharjah, appointed by UNESCO as the world capital of books. During this occasion Luca performs a custom number for the Arab audience during the international book fair. Also in 2015 he participates in the Zelig workshop at the Golden Theater in Rome.

Then he leaves pr the foreign countries, first in China where he performs in Beijing at Happy Valley, the most gamy theme park chain in China, on the occasion of the national holiday of mid-autumn. In Qatar in Doha for the Fitr festival 2019, at the structure set up at Souq Waqif. In the same year he also participates in the show Italia's Got Talent ricevnedo 4 yes.

 In 2018 he debuts his new play Poubelle the magic beyond imagination with the Direction of Augusto Fornari in which luca plays alone on stage 40 characters with quick changes of clothes. 
The transmission of Raiuno "Applause" conducted by Gigi Marzullo reviews the show in a positive way attesting to be in front of a new type of innovative show difficult to define and label, and defines Luca as worthy ederde of Artruro Brachetti. A phrase that the same Luca will then define blasphemous.

In 2019 he performs in the square in Victoria-Gastez in Spain in front of 5000 thousand people one of the most important magic festivals in Europe: Magialdia.
In the same year he also performs for the Giffoni Film Festival where Luca receives excellent acclaim and is called by Fanpage to make a starring video on Hallowen, where a Priest is instantly transformed into a demon. Video that will receive on fb 500 thousand visualizzaizoni.

In 2020 Luca performs at the transmission of Antena1, foreign national television, which defines it as an incredible artist. In a few days his performance reaches half a million views on YouTube. 

As a result of the virality of the video internet is contacted by Jim Moore video reporter in New York. Jim has collaborated with his photos to the documentary "Man on Wire". , winner of an Oscar, but is a fan and historian of vaudeville and quick change. He was intrigued by Luca's shows and decided to interview him for the American blog Vaudevisuals that deals with all the most famous perfomers of the World.


In 2020 he was supposed to start his new Italian tour (tour interrupted after the first date staged at the Teatro San Mauro) which also included the tour abroad in France with the new show "The Transformist" at the Festival of Avignon OFF but because of the health emergency everything is postponed postponed to 2021.


In March 2021, he participated in the Sanremo Festival as a consultant and performer with the group Lo Stato Sociale. This was an atypical edition, as for the first time, there was no live audience due to the pandemic. During the song competition, a magic, transformation, and clowning show was performed for the first time in the festival's history. Following his performances, his character Poubelle became a video game (Poubelle - the Transformist available on iOS and Android).


In 2022, he started working with his One Man Show on the MSC Cruiseship, performing for over 100,000 people from around the world.


From 2022 to 2024, he toured Italy and Europe with his theatrical show Poubelle, achieving over 100 performances.



In 2024, he participated in the show Lol Talent Show, and his video reached 2 million views on Instagram.


In May 2024, he qualified for the Finals of the European Illusionism Championship, where he represented Italy in the comedy section.









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